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Restaurants in Istanbul
Restaurants in Istanbul - Istanbul offers different options to explore for dining. The biggest hobby of Turkish people is dining out and meet friends. Many local options and top farewell restaurants are all in one city.

Kebap Restaurants - Kebap is mainly minced mixed meat (lamb and beef) with spices and vegetables. These dishes are served with special thin lavaş bread, salads and rice. A great local experience !

Ottoman Cuisine Restaurants - The palace cuisine of the Ottomans are explored in these restaurants. The cooks had to invent new dishes on regular basis to make the Sultan happy. A lot of olive oil baked vegetables, meat and vegetable mixed dishes, unique preparations of vegetables are worth to try !

Meyhane Restaurants -
The main dish is not the first priority but the starters called mezes are... Different warm and cold options exists among vegetables and sea food. Raki, the famous anis drink and water melon with white cheese is mostly the main dish :)

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Local and Special Restaurants Lunch Restaurants spacer
Farewell - Top Class Restaurants - Fish, Meat, Turkish, Mediterranean, International cuisines are served mostly overlooking to the Bosphorus.

Meat Restaurants - Grilled meat either special locations of the animal (lamb, beef or chicken) or spieces. The dishes are served with pide bread and salads.

Ocakbaşı Restaurants - Grilled small pieces of meat like şiş, çöp şiş and liver are served while seated along the giant grill. Different salads are served as side dish to round the meat in to lavas bread.

Fish Restaurants - Located along the Bosphorus shore serving special sea food starters and different fish options (grilled, ovened, fried) and the famous Turkish Helva as desert.

Venue Restaurants - Restaurants located in historical buildings, palaces, cisterns, wooden houses or yalis along the Bosphorus.

Entertainment Restaurants - Special entertainment program is available during or after the dinner. Either a quality dance show, entertainers or a location that becomes a famous club. 

Bosphorus Cruise Dinner -
Bosphorus of Istanbul is the most beautiful spot of the city. The palaces wooden houses and mosques along and uphill of the Bosphorus offers an exceptional view. A must do in Istanbul !